Experts in Event Planning for the Technology industry
We are a one of the UK’s leading event management and event marketing service providers to the software, IT and professional services industries.
We have been working with some of the world’s largest tech companies since 2014. We believe strong relationships lie at the heart of our companies success. In fact, over the years we have come to regard many of our clients as colleagues and even friends. We understand events but we also understand the tech industry and our years of experience working in the sector has given us a deep understanding of what delegates, vendors and attendees want. We are experienced in delivering large conferences and exhibitions to a diverse membership audience and continue to win new business from this emerging sector.

At the Forefront of Event Technology
We understand more than most event companies, the speed at which new technological developments can drive change across the industry. It’s one of the reasons, we are fully committed to adopting new technologies as an agency. Our new badging and registration service is a prime example of this, using proprietary software to completely revolutionise the often painful process of getting people registered and into the event.

Our London location puts us at the heart of the UK’s event industry and we have spent many years building relationships with the capital’s leading venues, as well as establishing extensive networks of suppliers across EMEA. Whether it’s event strategy and planning, logistics, communications, audience generation, finance or sponsorship sales, we have the knowledge and the contact base to make your event really stand out.